Dec. 18th, 2011

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If those of you who read my journal haven't heard yet, it sounds like comment headers will be going away on Tuesday with the new site update, UNLESS you use S2 AND custom comments pages that are deliberately designed to allow comment subject headers. Not many people do this, because custom comments pages are not terribly popular (they mimic the layout of your main journal).

For several reasons, a large section of the userbase is not pleased by this.

There are other changes that sound like they will be implemented re: comment browsing, userpics, etc., and which may result in greatly-slowed loading times, which I am "Waiting And Seeing" on.

I sort of get the feeling that LJ staff doesn't care about userbase concerns, so if it actually is as bad as all that, I would expect that by the end of the year:

a) the kink memes will have moved to DW or some other site - and frankly, I spend a lot more time on the memes than I do chatting on my journal these days, not that I don't love and cherish you all

b) I will have abandoned this journal to move to DW (where I am also valmora, and which is allowing free registration through the end of the year, should you wish to join)

c) I will be doing most of my communicating on tumblr, which I loathe utterly but have an account on as val-mora and currently do not use at all PRECISELY BECAUSE I prefer LJ

d) I will no longer even consider posting fic on LJ and all fanfic from here on out will be posted exclusively on AO3, without notification here (not that this was not already happening)

It is likely that I would port all entries from here onto DW, if that is possible.


valmora: "we three" witches, meeting again (Default)

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