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Jun. 7th, 2011 03:38 pm
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I'm doing this the stupid easy-peasy way that I did with my sherlock recs, only a little less easy-peasy, in that I'll give short descriptions.

FYI: I'm not a historical stickler, but I don't generally rec stories that are obviously anachronistic unless it's AU or for comedy.

(nearly) EVERYTHING is Arthur/Merlin/Arthur, because I'm not far enough to know any other ships that are as much fun. I'm also terrible about noting ratings, so even if I don't say it's not worksafe, it still may very well be gratuitous PWP.

* = the best of the best that I've read. - school AU, internalized homophobia warning - rageprufrock on AO3. has a modern British royalty AU that is particularly hilarious given the recent Wedding.* - astolat's account on AO3. she is one of the mods of Yuletide and HOMG GLORIOUS MERLIN FIC. I don't even. * - the summary for this is "Arthur finds out Merlin's secret - and he does not react well." (AO3) - modern AU, pretend boyfriends at a bar, PG-13 - modern AU, mathematicians, PG-13 - modern AU, Arthur is a BNF in STARZ's "Camelot" fandom and Merlin becomes his beta (R). Full of fandom jokes and terminology, and requires no knowledge of "Camelot".* - cracklike and full of anachronisms. in a hilarious way. merlin courts arthur. (PG-13) - arthur, revenge - modern corporate magicky AU, recced by [ profile] hinotori, epic, complete, awesome, probably no more than PG-13 - the weather sucks, arthur is grumpy, and merlin bangs a stableboy. NC-17 - university AU, arthur is a bro, author rates the series NC-17 but I think it's R, recced by [ profile] hinotori[]=232768 - seperis on AO3, various usually-explicit ratings - indefinite WIP; Merlin is raised by Druids and then given to Arthur, rather NSFW, angst. - [ profile] aleathiel's fic master list; has some so-so stuff and some heartbreaking stuff, of various ratings. - multiple arthurs/merlin, PWP, very NC-17 - arthur attempts to woo merlin, subtly. rated "m", adorkable. - a remix of the above story, in which merlin is clueless and wooed. - arthur/merlin/arthur, arthur/gwen-ish, gwen/lancelot, M - after a decade of his reign, King Arthur holds a competition for the position of Court Sorcerer - in which merlin and arthur are shipwrecked, and merlin's powers come in handy-trouble. um. amusing? probably dubcon? I don't even know. - a remix of the above story. several instances of similar incidents.[]=232768 - Lisztful on AO3. Very good. - arthur is accidentally turned into a bird. pre-slash more than anything. G. note - I actually dislike this fic, not because it's bad, but because it is uncomfortable; and I think that the reasons that I am discomfited by it are the same ones that make it good; and that is why I rec it, because it does those things well. - knowing about knowing. post-season 3, I think. PG or PG-13 - remix of the previous fic, from Merlin's perspective. - technically reinc but not much; NC-17, sunrise outside, technically porn but very very pretty prose. - arthur has an injury, vexes merlin by being a bad patient, and takes poppy juice for seven nights. - a remix of the above fic, from arthur's POV, lovely lovely. - in which arthur masturbates everywhere - modern AU, arthur goes to amsterdam - remix of the above story, 1700s arthur goes to amsterdam - modern AU, arthur inherited a chain of nightclubs and meets a fellow there one night; starts out kind of iffy but gets good. - remix/retelling of the above story. NO, I KNOW, I LIKE IT. - in which arthur is embattled by merlin trying to get him to eat fruit - in which merlin is embattled on all sides by Gaius's health kick (remix of above story), very funny - aching, unknowing - remix of the above story. didn't hit me quite right for the sock in the gut that I look for in sadfic, but will probably hit someone else very very hard in the same place. - some very lovely drabbles, and even including a morgana/gwen and a morgana/morgause one, each! - at a visit to another court, merlin fights with another prince's manservant; arthur lets him take care of himself.[]=232768 - thehoyden on AO3 - merlin doesn't listen to gossip. I smiled like an idiot reading this. - arthur finds out merlin's secret, and dreams of him dying. - total and complete porn. bottom!merlin. - actually, all her stuff is worth reccing (also mostly porn). - [ profile] derryere's fic list, yes read it all - a big bang story; the rain won't stop. - if you read only one athlete!arthur fic ever, make it this one. period. WIP. in which arthur is a footballer, deeply closeted, and merlin is NOT NAMED MERLIN and a physiotherapist.* - in which arthur goes on many (unsuccessful) blind dates and merlin is a waiter, adorbz - [ profile] lamardeuse's "Merlin" fic, so adorable I cried a little. note that she also writes Bradley/Colin (that would be RPF), so if that's not your cup of tea (as it is not mine), do pay attention. - kind of shameless porn, merlin goes to a brothel; one of the few times I've seen Sodomy-Is-Bad-in-This-Society as a theme in Merlin fic - [ profile] crazyboutremmy's master fic post. - in which Merlin goes to visit his mother, and Arthur doesn't miss him. At all. (featuring completely-thick!Arthur) (this author has a lot of good fics)

[ profile] fishwrites - [ profile] magog_83's master fic post. [ profile] minor_hue's fics. - in which the seasons are changing, the gears of life jog a little, and the prose is beautiful. - Merlin is a pharmacy student, and Arthur is an 1800s sea captain. - merlin has to take arthur's notes in uni. I'm sort of ambivalent about this one.[]=4151&selected_tags[tags][]=232768&selected_tags[tags][]=20940&boolean_type=and&pseud_id=Trojie&user_id=Trojie&commit=Filter+Works - trojie at AO3.[]=232768&utf8=%E2%9C%93 - LolaFeist on AO3.

Look, it's Morgana/Gwen! - modern AU. Gwen is a car mechanic, and Morgana is insufferably rich, and they are dating. R.

I think this may be the first time I've included art in the recs post proper. - [ profile] itzcoatl's deviantart gallery, frighteningly good portraits - with bonus fic.

Bits I haven't read yet but intend to soon: - in time of trial - samhain fic exchange

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