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You shoulda seen it coming.

More soon.

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And if you didn't catch what I did there you clearly shouldn't be reading this recs list.
Although in all honesty I'm just going to do the main character(s), not the full set of relationships. (ordered alphabetically within pairing, and I'll try to keep the pairings alphabetical too)

Note: Fics posted on AO3 go into my AO3 bookmarks here!

Do not expect anything to be necessarily worksafe.
Meta at the end. If you want me to note a trigger warning, leave a comment.

Non-concupiscent for main characters - in which tavros is a pushover, except when he's not. AU with the hemosocial spectrum reversed. (Tavros ♥ Vriska if you squint but I prefer not to, Tavros ♦ Aradia, Aradia ♥ Equius) - dave-centric. after the game, the world is remade, but with one thing missing. - dave and jade meeting; dave is mute - buddha!sufferer, jossed, art - tavros, orange goop, hands, slightly NSFW - eridan-centric, grown up and in the fleet - rose and davesprite and swords - bro-centric, triggers for past neglect/abuse - ftm!bro, dave - genderqueer sollux and terezi

Aradia/Dave - scars, very sweet

Bro/Jake - alpha session, bro and his unrequited love, sad

Dave/Equius - an AU in which trolls are the dominant species and dave is homeless. so in character. wip but probably abandoned, worksafeish yet.

Dave/John - in which dave is actually deaf, and they are in college post-sburb - high school au, dom!john/sub!dave, somewhat idealized high school situation, but fun if you are even remotely into the BD bits of BDSM

Dave/Tavros, Dave ♥ Tavros - college DJ AU, includes NSFW - surprise horn molestation! - dead dave is totally on the ironic forefront of xenosexual experimentation (AO3) - WIP, Dave has a secret admirer - tavros tops dave, who is wearing a matador costume. (WIP. full disclosure: I was the original requester) - last-time sex. written by brodad, posted anon, sad sad sad sad sad - the best thing, even wip. college post-game, trolls are maturing

Dave/Terezi, Dave ♥ Terezi - in which terezi is suffused with ennui and dave feeds her

Equius/Karkat - R, karkat gives equius what he needs

Equius ♦ Nepeta - genderqueer equius and nepeta, dysphoria, self-esteem issues, but very very pretty

Eridan ♠ Sollux, Eridan ♥ Sollux (I prefer the former, but) - round two - kissage (I'm in the midst of writing a ficlet of context for this, I know, shut up) - kissing, scribbly, yay - completely NSFW, sollux tops - another possible way that the battle between them could have gone (♠, mature)

Eridan/John - AU, john works in a flower shop, eridan works in a bakery. cute, PG-13. second fill.

Gamzee ♥ John, Gamzee/John - scroll down to second fill in thread; john and gamzee are supposed to marry eventually; incomplete

John ♠ Karkat, John ♥ Karkat, John/Karkat - in which Karkat is hopelessly in love - in which there is grinding and so on. - trolls have a tentacle. FILTHY FILTHY PORN. - in which John and Karkat have a movie night (unresolved tension only due to being thirteen), hilarious - I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE I'M RECCING THIS. SO ANGRYFLUFFY. older!John and !Karkat, human world, 2nd-person pov, john is an angst bucket after a fight with karkat, sex cures their ills, and what's sad is my appreciation for this fic isn't even ironic. - john and karkat are horrible at cooking, written in canon directions style - karkat assembles a guide to human romance - in which Karkat, with Insane Troll Logic (TVTropes warning), decides that in order to win John's kismessitude, he must become the head of Betty Crocker. -two very nice fills exploring john's denial of his own inclinations toward same-sex desire, the latter of which being incomplete - in which john and karkat fight, bilingually (by the same anon who did the linguistic sex Rose ♥ Kanaya fill below) (the series is here on AO3) - in which john pines because karkat got over hating john a while ago, ends in some rather awkward and unlikely sex, but very good up until then, PROBABLY UNDERAGE, also look in the comments for someone doing illustrations! - karkat is territorial and animalistic. biting. sadly incomplete. - miko's john/karkat stuff is good, but kind of on the underagelike side (She warns for it), though that isn't exaggerated - karkat and john don't deal with homophobia, incomplete - carnivalstuck au short piece - sopor slime functions as an aphrodisiac for humans. unrepentant porn. - comic; john gets turned into a troll - the humans find out that karkat and john are an item; conversations ensue - WIP, alternia-earth fusion, karkat gets turned into a human - this image, oh. (this artist does a lot of interesting stuff, but this image just caught me.) PG-13 tired!karkat speaking alternian, adorable - gratuitous horntouching leads to more, with xenoculture - art, pretty, PG

Kanaya/Rose, Kanaya ♥ Rose - in which oral sex, and even better, linguistics, happens (I recommend an audio IPA guide) (full series with multiple ships here) - first fill in thread; arranged marriage mental manipulation - trolls in heat; how to really seduce rose lalonde (PG-13ish)

THREESOMES, MORESOMES - karkat♥solluxhearts;terezi, colors and tasting, incomplete but can be read as complete

META OH YEAH - collection of troll vocab terms; incomplete - talking about vriska and tavros and abuse, TRIGGER WARNING

Date: 2011-07-08 12:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
So ... this is great.

Have you read Problem Sleuth? If not, I'll be curious; you'd be the first person I know who's discovered MSPA during the current adventure.

(BTW: I'm hooked by Karkat's tragic, doomed ♠ for John -- and Vriska's ♥, for that matter. Come to think of it, the trolls and his own laughable ignorance are all that keeps John interesting.)

Date: 2011-07-08 03:44 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yes, I've read Problem Sleuth, although it wasn't reading PS that got me into Homestuck; they were separate incidents. You may have been the one who recced PS to me, actually...

HS I started on the recommendation of a high school friend with whom I still keep in contact, and we're fanpersoning together.

(I'm super-behind on HS, so I can't have intelligent conversations about it, really, but I have to say that I really, really like Tavros. And I want Vriska to go die. In a non-resurrectiony way. Yes, I know. I saw the tvtropes page.


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