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I'm super-pleased to know that someone out there knows these movies/series, and hopefully loves them as much as I do.

Since as far as I can tell none of these series have any fics at all, I'm pretty excited for just about anything!

Thank you for being willing to write something for me.

Since some of these requests have been yens I've had for some time, I've c&p'd requests from previous years, though I've edited them in keeping with what I want changing in the intervening time.

Always San Chome no Yuhi (movie)
Characters: Furuyuki Junnosuke, Suzuki Ippei

request: Junnosuke and Ippei grown up (teens or older), with Junnosuke still a writer, and if you care to write that way, having them be slashed or pre-slash.

All right - I confess that I haven't been able to get my hands on the sequel, so I'm dealing only with the first movie canon knowledge here, but I love all the characters. I think Chagawa and his adorably messy hair are funny, I love Suzuki Auto's pride, I like the old cigarette-selling woman and her sense of humor.

I love the way Ippei and Junnosuke interact. I love Junnosuke's quiet introspection and the way he will so clearly grow and his spirit blossom (um, this is a terrible way of saying it) with the love and friendship he's finding with Chagawa and the Suzukis. I love Ippei's childish brashness and his impulsiveness but his heartfelt caring.

What I'd love to see most is Ippei and Junnosuke as friends (or more than friends, or realizing that they want to be more than just friends) some time after the movie, whether that's in their late teens or in their twenties or whenever. I'd love to see Junnosuke as a writer (what can I say?) and how he is faring, or not faring, with that.

The Protector
Characters: Vincent and Madame Rose

Request: Vincent and Madame Rose, as partners in crime, and as lovers.

I love this movie because it's so incredibly over-the-top awesome martial arts. As a practitioner of aikido I get a real kick out of watching all the crazy stuff Tony Jaa does.

I also love Madame Rose, because she's crazy and power-hungry and incredibly deeply competent and yet her sex makes her ineligible for the things which she's capable of doing. And knowing that the actress who played her is MTF, and that in the film Madame Rose's character is meant to be MTF (which I hear is more apparent in the original Thai than in the English version), I am curious. Why would someone so power-hungry go through with changing their sex even knowing it would ruin their career options?

And because I'm a shipper at heart, I really want to see Madame Rose and Vincent interact, as partners in crime and as lovers. How long have they known each other? What brought them together (and how does Vincent feel about Madame Rose's trans*-ness; how has that colored their romance)? What made them hatch their plans? I think their characters were glossed over in a really regrettable way, which is understandable since it's a martial arts flick, but I'd love to see them fleshed out together.

I'm not requesting a sex scene, though if you want to go there you can.

Broken Saints
Characters: Oran Bajir, Raimi Matthews

request: Focusing on the relationship between Oran and Raimi, anywhere during or after the series. Slash (requited, unrequited, established, whatever) preferred but not required.

I thought that Raimi and Oran had an interesting sort of antagonistically-deeply-fond-of-one-another relationship that I felt really strongly. I really like both of them a lot as characters, so I’d just like to see something with them in it.

And because my mind is in the gutter, if you wanted to make them attracted to each other (or unrequited affection, or whatever) I would be a very happy camper. Don’t think it’s mandatory, though.

One of the things I like about the series was the feeling of paranoia that it inspired.

I love Raimi's narrative voice because he's snarky and sarcastic and, deep beneath being hurt by the world, an idealist; I love Oran because he never, ever compromises on what's really important, and I think he's an idealist as well, in a lot of ways, who has been broken down and rebuilt into someone completely different by being Iraqi Muslim in the current world.

If you want to Journey-to-the-West it up I would be completely okay with that.

Again, thank you so much for offering at least one of my fandoms, and I hope you receive something just as lovely as your Yuletide gift.

Thank you!

Val Mora

Date: 2011-11-23 05:22 am (UTC)
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OMG THE ELEPHANT MOVIE!?!? A++ i hope you get that one


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