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Dear Yuletide Author:

I'm sorry this letter is late. I live in the greater NY area and was without power for nearly two weeks, and so this letter didn't get written until after assignments went out.

Since I happen to know that the only possible fandom you could be writing for (no one offered The Protector / Tom Yum Goong or West Bank Story) is Always San Chome no Yuuhi, and I pretty much described everything I would want out of the other two in my requests, I'm just going to talk about that.

Basically, I love how Ippei brings Junnnosuke out of his shell as children; I love Junnosuke's imagination, and how Ippei respects that; I love how brash Ippei is but how his heart's in the right place. I love their friendship and I would really like a fic that's about them growing up in 1960's Japan, or being grown up.

If you wanted to include stuff about them wanting to kiss at some point, that would be really great, but you don't have to. Just them being friends, growing up and being family-of-choice, is fine and definitely happy-making.

AND MUTSUKO. I have a super sweet spot for her particular accent, and watching her grow up, and grow into herself, in this foreign strange big city with the support of the Suzukis, would be awesome. If you could not ship her and Ippei that would be nice, but them being all but siblings would be fantastic.

And as always, every year that I've participated in Yuletide: thank you, and I hope your gift is as nice as I know the one for me will be.

Val Mora


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