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Hello Yuletide Writer! I hope you are as excited by Yuletide as I am.

Since I requested three fandoms so rare that no one offered them (except West Bank Story, where the only person who offered was me), I have a pretty good idea which fandom we were matched on, but I understand that the running summary didn't include bucket lists, so! Here we go.

Almost an Angel! - not available for Netflix Streaming D:

I watched this movie in September and spent the entire thing going OMG HOW ARE TERRY AND STEVE NOT KISSING I DON'T UNDERSTAND.
My needs are pretty simple.
I also found the ending a serious downer, even though it was supposed to be happy, so if you don't want to write Terry and Steve kissing, some less-awful ending (not fix-it; I don't want actual literal miracles curing his spine cancer) would be appreciated.

Alternatively, or maybe in addition, unclear, something Rose-focused. She has her own life, and I'd like it to get some expression.

Detective Dee!

Where to start! I love the multiple cases, the pseudo-historicity of them, and the way the solutions are always just about people. I don't always like the treatment of women - though Third Lady's story is pretty great, and I'm glad that at least one of the ladies got character development, and that reasonable people didn't blame her for what happened to her (sorry, trying to not trigger).

I loved Violet Liang when I read about her - she's clever, she has her own business, she's good at what she does, she's foreign, and she chooses who to marry. I have a serious weakness for Ladies Who Do Martial Arts (being one myself, though not nearly as good as her, nor the same art), so MOAR ABOUT HER would be lovely.

I love casefic, and I swoon over the family life details of Detective Dee (though I know the Ladies or his lieutenants weren't included in the character listing). I will be happy with character study - musing on his relationship with the law, or specific cities? Looking back over old cases? Playing with children? I don't know. It's pretty much all good as long as you don't go into the torture.

The Protector (Tom Yum Goong) - I am really sorry this one isn't available on Netflix Streaming. D:

All I can say about this film is ELEPHANTS AND TONY JAA.
Tony Jaa is like a small angry god.

However, the characters the most interested me in this film were Vincent and Madam Rose. In the Thai version, apparently it's fairly clear that Madam Rose is a transwoman, which makes her power-hungriness and the sexism enacted against her really fascinating - that she was so devoted to being true to herself that she basically gave up power. I find that interesting and would love to see something exploring that.

Also stuff about Madam Rose and Victor being together, and how they got together, and stuff, would be great, I would love that.

West Bank Story - also not available on Netflix Streaming; clearly Yuletide should partner with Netflix. D: It should be available through iTunes, though, since that's where I originally bought it.

Fatima and David being adorable makes me lie down on my couch and want tummy rubs, basically, and Ariel and Ahmed bickering is hilarious and wonderful.
I'd really like something set after the end of the film, showing people trying to rebuild and how everyone's relationships are changed by the fire and by Fatima and David being together.

(if you wanted to make Ariel and Ahmed kiss, or want to kiss, that would be cool too, but isn't necessary).

I hope you have a good time this Yuletide, and I know the fic you receive will be just as nice as mine will be. :D


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