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Lycanthropy is a career choice, not a disease.

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Birthdate:Feb 8
Location:United States of America
"It’s hard being a shipper. It’s hard, and no one understands."
- Nepeta Leijon, Homestuck

In addition to eating voraciously and sleeping at odd hours, Val is a writer of both fan- and original fiction. Val's writing is mostly on LJ (master fic page here), though lately she's been preferentially posting stuff to the AO3. LJ is missing all of the stuff on FFN, but that's mostly old shame anyway.

Val's true love is writing original fiction, of which there is one sample post unlocked on the journal. Hopefully someday an edited version of the novel from which the sample is taken will be at a bookstore near you.

Slash (or whatever you care to call it) is ubiquitous here; het is not, although it occasionally rears its head (once per leap year). Use of the third person is also ubiquitous.

To view anything other than the fanfic, you have to ask. Those not-fic things are mostly
a) Val ranting about things on the internet and in fandom
b) Val ranting about real life, which mostly consists of either whining or screaming about Val's continuous battle to learn Japanese.

Val is a staff member at [info]hetalia_kindex, helping to index the works over at the Hetalia Kink Meme ([info]hetalia_kink). If you are a Hetalia fan, have a couple of hours a week to spare, enjoy porn, and like organizing things, please consider joining (we're vastly understaffed).

Val is over the age of legal majority in most countries of the world and is thus eligible to join adult fiction communities. Thank you.

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all the quadrants, american gods, anime, anton ego, bagpipes, banlieue 13, benkei/yoshitsune, benvolio/mercutio, bisexuality, blues, celtic music, celtic trad, cho hakkai/sha gojyo, chocolate, code gayass, code geass, discworld, economics, fa mulan, fanfiction, femslash, finland pwning russia, flook, good omens, hetalia, highland dance, homestuck, ippiki nihiki sanbiki, irish dance, irish trad, jacquel and ibis, jasper fforde, jazz, jon stewart, kougaiji/dokugakuji, lawrence of arabia, lelouch lamperouge/kururugi suzaku, lycanthropes, lúnasa, malinky, meta, monty python, neil gaiman, nicolas rathe/philip eslingen, non-uke ukes, old blind dogs, original stories, remus lupin, remus/sirius, saiyuki, saxophones, scottish highland dance, scottish music, selkies, slash, sleep, tartans, terry pratchett, the great escape, the sandman, the vorkosigan saga, tomiki aikido, tsugaru jamisen, vampires, werewolves, wiki-fu, yaoi, yoshitsune the boy wonder, 吉田兄弟 (yoshida brothers), 当て字, 日米関係 (japanese-american relations), 高橋竹山 (takahashi chikuzan)
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