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Last update: 3 Feb 2012.

Notes: I warn for very few things. Noncon is one of them. I do not write pedophilia.

I do not "lock" posts in an "age filter" because I find the concept faintly ridiculous. My first exposure to the concept of homosexuality was accidentally reading NC-17 noncon fic at the age of eleven. My reaction was something like, "I didn't know two men could have sex. How wonderfully original!" although I confess I was a bit disconcerted by the nonconsensual aspect.

As such, I take the attitude that minors who are old enough to be in fandom are old enough to know how to hit the back button. I rate fics in line with the United States MPAA ratings system, I do my best to be honest, and on principle I don't lock fic posts.

If you choose not to read the header, that is your own choice. If you read the header and ignore the warnings therein, that is also your own choice.

If you find any fics lacking ratings, in their headings or otherwise, please inform me and I will remedy the situation.

ETA: If you find triggering content that I have not warned for, please tell me and I will add a warning.

Banlieue 13 aka District B13
l'odorat, senté par les narines d'un pit bull (Damien, Leïto, Lola, PG-13)
eau-de-désir (Leïto+Damien, Lola, PG-13)
la jambe cassée (Leïto/Damien, Lola, R)
and its sequel les rapports, la haine, la liberté (Leïto/Damien, R-ish)
Sleeping Arrangements @AO3 (Damien/Leïto UST, post-Ultimatum apartment visit, PG-13)
In Uniform (Damien/Leïto, post-B13 uniform kink, R)

god corporation (AU, David/Jonathan, PG-13)

he imitates (Aizen/Ichimaru, R)
Fixed and Broken (Hinamori, Aizen/Ichimaru, PG-13)
Found Again (Urahara/Aizen, PG-13)
Other Half (Kyouraku/Ukitake, PG-13)
Fresh Meat (Aizen/Ichimaru, AU, PG-13)
Affectations (Kenpachi, Yachiru, G)
Real Goals (Renji+Byakuya, Renji+Rukia, PG)
Not a Big Girl Now (Kenpachi, Yachiru, gen, PG-13)
Asceticism and Honor and Watching, Sometimes (Byakuya/Renji, PG-13)
Over-Sensitized (Tousen, Aizen/Ichimaru, PG-13)
It's Like (Kyouraku/Ukitake, PG-13)
Midnight Crimes (Aizen/Ichimaru, PG-13)
Hearing the Dead (Kyouraku/Ukitake, PG-13)
Winter Sports (young!Kyouraku/Ukitake, PG-13)
And Now For (Kyouraku/Ukitake, AU, PG-13)
By the Season (Kyouraku/Ukitake, R)
Two Traitors and a French Café (PG-13)
He Walks (?/Gin, {PG)
Feeding Time (At the Zoo) (Kenpachi, Yachiru, PG)
Two Things that Clash (Renji, Rukia, Renji/Byakuya, Ichigo/Rukia, PG)
A (Business) Proposition (Kyouraku, Nanao, Kyouraku/Ukitake, Aizen/Ichimaru, PG-13)
A Delayed Experiment (Urahara/Ukitake, Kyouraku+Ukitake, PG-13)
A Surprise (Aizen/Ichimaru, PG-13)
Make New Friends (Yoruichi/Soi Fong, PG-13)
1.625 (Ukitake/Kyouraku, R)
En Tricotant (Aizen, Ichimaru, the French Revolution, PG-13)
Surprise Letters (Kyouraku/Ukitake, PG-13)
A Welcome (not to home) (Aizen/Ichimaru, PG-13)
Goes in Circles (Kyouraku/Ukitake, PG)
Interruption Times Three (Aizen/Ichimaru, PG-13)
Kept (Aizen/Ichimaru, R) (Italian translation by [ profile] juna89 here)
Two Watchers (Ichimaru/Kuchiki Byakuya, Renji/Byakuya, PG-13)
Flagrant Misuse (Byakuya/Renji, R)
Transference (Sougyo no Kotowari/Katen Kyoukotsu, Ukitake+Kyouraku, R)
Adoption Envy (Renji+Byakuya, PG)
On Bees and...Bees (Sougyou no Kotowari, Ukitake+Kyouraku, PG-13)
Risen Unlike the Sun (Aizen/Ichimaru, R) (Italian translation by [ profile] juna89 here)
Better Friends (Kyouraku/?, Urahara, Tousen, Komamura, PG)
Red and a Couch (Byakuya/Renji, PG-13)
A Trinity of Seeming (Shinsou, Kyouga Suigetsu, PG)
Reality Rather than Principle (Aizen/Ichimaru, PG-13)
Screencap (Ishida+Ichigo, PG)
Gypsies and Yellow Jazz (Ichimaru/Matsumoto, Aizen+Ichimaru, Prohibition-era AU, PG-13)
Resworn Fealty (Aizen, Ichimaru, PG)
Colors and Contrast (Hitsugaya, Ichimaru/Matsumoto, PG-13)
Mistaken, Misguided (Byakuya/Renji, Rukia/?, PG-13)
Take Five (the Library, Ukitake, Kyouraku, G)
A Decision Unmade (Aizen, Hinamori, PG-13)
Agincourt (Aizen/Ichimaru, PG-13)
post-secret (OFC/OFC, implied Aizen/Ichimaru, implied Byakuya/Renji, implied mpreg, PG-13)
As His Own Flesh (Aizen/Ichimaru, darkfic, PG-13)
Fever (Byakuya/Renji, PG)
The War to End All Wars (aka the Kira AU) (assorted, unfinished, roleplay transcript with [ profile] kira_douji, overall light R)
State of Deshabille (Kyouraku/Ukitake, Nanao, the Kira AU, PG-13)
Two Views (Kyouraku/Ukitake, the Kira AU, PG-13)
Some Interpretation (Aizen/Ichimaru, AU college professor ridiculosity, PG-13)
a noncohesive high school AU (assorted characters and ships, PG-13 or so)
In Between Shots and a relatively uneventful photo shoot(Grimmjaw/Il Forte, Aizen/Ichimaru, fourth-wall-breaking AU, PG-13)
Rumours and Sights (Renji/Byakuya, OFC, PG-13)

Bleach meta essays:
in which I argue that Aizen and Gin want to be gay parents
in which I argue that aizen and gin are designed to be connected to each other, because of name symbolism

Brokeback Mountain
drabble: Red-Handed (Ennis/Jack, PG-13, old, 1st person POV)

Broken Saints
drabble: untitled (Oran/Raimi, NSFW, postseries)

Code Geass
Graffiti (Suzaku/Lelouch, PG-13)
The Fair Speech (Suzaku/Lelouch, dubcon, hard R)
that reckoned neither sin nor shame (Kallen, implied Lelouch/Kallen, implied Suzaku/Lelouch, PG-13)
Two Ravens (Lelouch/Suzaku, C.C., R) (translated into Chinese by [ profile] hirilorn here)

Constantine (movie)
Not Telling (Chas+John, PG-13)
Business Trip (John, PG-13)
snippet: Situation and snippet: Memoriam (Chas+John, implied John/OMC, PG-13)

Death Note
untitled snippet (Light/L, PG-13)
untitled drabble (Light, L, PG-13)
untitled anime boston drabble (L, PG)
untitled anime boston drabble 2 (Light, PG)
a trap of one's own making (Light/L, R)

Places (Monstrous Regiment, Maladicta, gen, PG)

The Dresden Files
Haze (Thomas/Harry, PG-13, written after book 6, old)

Motivation (Bikky, Dee/Ryo, PG, old)

The Fionavar Tapestry
snippet: Summoning Home (Loren Silvercloak/Matt Sören, PG-13)

Gokusen II
untitled snippet (Ryu/Take, Hayato/Ryu, PG-13)
streetlights (Tsucchi/Take, past Ryu/Take, PG-13)
untitled (Tsucchi/Take, PG-13/R)

Good Omens
untitled drabble (Pollution/Mogget, crossover with "Sabriel", PG-13)

The Great Escape
drabble: Nightmares (Danny/Willie, PG)
August Dreams (Danny/Willie, PG-13, Yuletide)
drabble: Reassurance (Danny/Willie, PG)
drabble: Desperation (Danny/Willie, PG-13)
drabble: Acting Substitute (Danny/Willie, PG-13)
Ignorance (Roger/Mac, PG-13)
Consumed (Danny/Willie, PG-13)
drabble: Circumstances (Ramsey, von Luger, PG, gen)
drabble: Rendezvous (Ashley-Pitt, Sedgwick, PG, gen)
untitled comment snippet (Danny, Sedgwick, the digging gang, PG, gen)
Exit Plans (Roger/Mac, PG-13)
Cooler Talk (Hilts/Goff, Ives, PG?)
Wonders/Imagines and its companion Worries/Accepts (Sedgwick/Ashley-Pitt, light R)
untitled snippet (schoolboy!Ashley-Pitt, OFC!sister, implied slash, PGish)
The "Wedding Rhyme" high school AU drabbles: Something Old (Roger/"Sandy", PG-13), Something New (Hilts/Goff, PG), Something Borrowed (Sedgwick/Ashley-Pitt, PG), Something Blue (Danny/Willie, PG)
Rumors Fly (Roger/Mac, Sedgwick/Ashley-Pitt, Danny/Willie, PG-13, AU, deathfic)
Homecoming (Ramsey, von Luger, not really gen, PG-13, high school AU)
drabble: Mixed Feelings (Mac, Ives, G, gen)
drabble: Vengeances (Ramsey, Mac, gen, PG-13, high school AU)
In Sequence (Danny/Willie, Danny/OFC, PG-13)
Interruptions (Sedgwick/Ashley-Pitt, PG-13, the high school AU)
drabble: posterificness (Ramsey, gen, PG, high school AU)
figletofvenice wanted pr0n, and sandy got distracted (Mac/Roger, PG-13, high school AU)
Duty Calls (Ramsey, gen, PG)
Meet Again (Ramsey, von Luger, gen, PG)
Classroom Apathy (Mac, girl-hating, PG-13, high school AU)
Excerpts from Editorials (Mac/Roger, PG-13, high school AU)
drabbles: some OC studies (gen, PG)
random 4th-wall silliness (Roger, Mac, Ramsey, PG, the high school AU)
drabble: Aqua Vitae (Sedgwick/Ashley-Pitt, PG)
Inured, Returns (implied Roger/Mac, PG-13)
drabble: Solemnest of Industries (Ramsey, von Luger, gen, PG)
drabble: Gauges Potential (Willie, Danny, PG)
Knows Anyway (OMC, PG)
drabble: Remembrance Day (Sedgwick, PG)
drabble: In Peace (Ramsey, PG)
Halfway (Ramsey, von Luger, gennish, PG)
drabble: In Coöperation (Ramsey, PG-13, high school AU)
Health Notices (the German class, high school AU, PG-13)
Class List (Hendley, gen, PG, high school AU)
post-concert snippet (Ramsey, Mac, Roger, gen, PG-13, high school AU)
untitled drabble (Ramsey, Sedgwick/Ashley-Pitt, PG, high school AU)
hanukkah drabble (Ramsey, PG-13, high school AU)
the locker scene (Roger/Mac, implied Hilts/Goff, implied Ramsey/von Luger, R, high school AU)

Harry Potter
Watchfulness (Snape, implied Sirius Black/Remus Lupin, PG-13, written pre-book-5)
snippet: no fourth wall (not particularly serious, Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, written after book 6)
drabble: apology and drabble: changes (Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, written after book 6)
drabble: letters (Harry/Draco, written after book 6)
drabble: alternatives (Draco, gen, written after book 6)

the arms dealer's dowry (Sweden/Finland, the Swedish Crusades, PG-13)
Overshadowed (Japan, America, PG, gen)
jitaku (Japan, America, PG-13, gen)
Walking Wounded (Japan, mention of America, PG-13, not exactly but rather gen)
historical denial (Japan/America, PG-13)
though it glitters (Spain, 1500's, gen)
crude policy (Canada/America, energy politics, light R)
Swan-Seeking (Sweden, Åland, references to Russia/Finland, Sweden/Finland, Åland/fem!Gibraltar, PG-13)
untitled (a very different take on the British/American "rubber" misunderstanding. PG-13)
Mansion (Japan and America, 1990's)
"For Thine is the Kingdom" (Sweden/Finland, Thirty Years' War and the Swedish Empire, angst, PG-13)
before yoshida (Japan, Satsuma, Choshu, America - immediately after the surrender, PG-13)
incentivization (America, Canada, a diner on 7 December 1941, PG-13 except for some period ethnic slurs)
family vacation (Canada, America, England, exploring Tokyo, PG-13)
unburdened (America/Canada, indulging my love for Québecois music, PG-13 with blatant mention of sexual acts)
11 June, 1940 (Norway, Germany, Denmark - Norway renders himself to Nazi Germany, PG-13)
No Bloodless Feud (Ottoman Empire-Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, TRNC, Turkey is a terrible parent but loves kids, PG-13)

Kink meme fics (in order of posting. will be filled in as they're put up on the kindex AND reposted on this journal. any fics on which I will not be deanoning are dashed out.)
1) Conqueror (Sweden/Finland, the dark version of the Swedish Crusades, R, noncon)
2) untitled (America/Canada, America the fundamentalist, PG-13)
3) untitled (Finland/Sweden, unintentional grinding, R/NC-17)
4) Without Victory (Finland/Sweden, Winter War, R)
5) In Need of Vacation (Finland/Sweden, IKEA sale, PG-13)
6) Mistletoe (Finland/Sweden, Finland/other, PG-13)
7) Spring Cleaning (Finland/Sweden, diary fluff PG-13)
8) Dogs and Bees (Finland, Sealand, Hana-Tamago, Finland/Sweden, giving Sealand The Talk, PG-13)
9) Dragon Well (China, Yang Guifei, PG-13)
10) Seann Triubhas (Canada/America, cameos by Illinois and Michigan, fun and kilts at a Highland Games, PG-13)
11) Stepsiblings (Sealand, England, Finland/Sweden, Åland, Sealand realizes he has an older brother, PG-13)
12) Conference Crasher (Sealand & Cyprus twins, vampire-slaying adventure, PG-13)
13) "i have found grace in thine eyes" (Finland/Sweden, nations in space, PG-13)
14) pressure gauge (Germany/North Italy, humid vacation, R/NC-17)
15) Essential Parts (Denmark/Norway, unwanted gift, NC-17)
16) And He Shall Have (Sweden/Finland, history-fail geography symbolism, R)
17) America Fever (Sweden/America, historically inaccurate immigration symbolism, R)
18) Round Two (Turkey planning for the future, Turkey/Greece, light R)
19) For a Lifetime (fairytale AU, wolfboy Sweden and the three Fennic brothers, Finland/Sweden, PG)
20) Water Without Stinting (Finland/Sweden, apples and stubble and sex, NC-17)
22) -
23) Audacious (Illinois-tan, on Chicago, and on America, and on elections, PG)
24) The Lights of Thine Eyes, and the Light of thy Sword (Greece/Turkey, in the future when things are better, R/NC-17)
25) Cordially Invited (Finland/Sweden, ensemble, a wedding too long in coming, PG-13)
26) (Un)Spoken (Finland/Sweden, 5 times Sweden said "I love you", PG-13)
27) Pursuit and Unwoven (Turkey/Greece, a gift of a dog, PG-13)
28) Mirroring (Finland/Sweden as viewed by mundies, PG-13)
29) As Yet Unshared (Sweden masturbating, Sweden/Finland, NC-17)
30) Unorthodox Technique (Finland/Sweden, massage, PG-13/R)
31) -
32) -
33) Spice and Snails (Sealand plays matchmaker for Sweden, Finland/Sweden, Norway/Denmark, PG-13)
34) Iron-banded, Silver-tipped, Golden-bladed (Finland/Sweden, AU where Finland was the conqueror, PG-13)
35) Unsurprise Buttsecks (Denmark/Norway, NC-17, the title says it all)
36) On Pride, or, In Which Sweden is a Leanthrope and Still Gets Laid (Sweden/Finland, werelion PWP, NC-17)
37) As Schoolboys from Books (Norway/Denmark, human AU as teachers, R)
38) The Artist, Not the Art (Hungary and yaoiful fantasies, R)
39) -
40) The Last Like This (Sweden/America/Finland, Finland/Sweden, neutral-nations conference, NC-17)
41) -
42) Erasing the Scars (Greece/Turkey, musing about how it could have been, R)
43) Unclaimed (Norway and Denmark fight over land and other things, Norway/Pictland, noncon-ish Norway/Denmark, R)
45) Galatea Unset (Sweden/Finland, Sweden has a warrior kink, NC-17)
46) Hearts and Minds (Turkey/Greece, scars and foe yay, R)
47) -
Dinner Service (North Italy/Germany, Mafitalia + light BDSM = happy Germany, NC-17)
49) Appetizer (Finland/Sweden, less dinner more sex, NC-17)
50) As a River (Finland/Sweden, unhappy nations in space, PG-13)
51) 893 (Japan/America UST, cameos by several Japanese prefectures; tattoos and historical trauma; R)
52) Reserved Seat (America/Japan UST, Japan has good dreams but is repressed about it, R)
53) Commemorative (Greece/Turkey, the morning after accession to the EU, NC-17)
54) Unfortunate Timing (Norway/Denmark, bad timing on international treaties, PG-13)
55) -
56) A Positive Experience (North Itay/Germany, France, Belgium; North Italy's virginity becomes a topic of great interest to all and sundry, most especially Germany; R)
57) Triptych (crossover with Vorkosigan Saga, the Vorkosigans and the Barrayaran empire, PG-13)
58) Learning from History (crossover with Vorkosigan Saga, Japan and Cetaganda, PG-13)
59) Breathing Space (Finland/Sweden, trying to escape the Eyjafjallajökull ash cloud, NC-17)


Tangential (remix of Brodad's "A Ring" [HS KM post, original post], Dave/Tavros, Rose, PG but sad sad sad)
Light-Sweeps Between Us, Sollux♠Eridan, pesterchum and post-Ascension threats, HS gift exchange fic, PG-13
Dereliction of Duty, Condesce/Ψiioniic, post-Vast Glub, implied cannibalism, HS gift exchange fic, PG-13
A Lovely Way to Burn, John♥Karkat, Karkat sickfic, HS gift exchange fic, PG-13
Round One, Dave and Tavros play Fiduspawn, Tavros♥Dave if you squint, PG-13

Standalone Homestuck Kink Meme Fills (all numbers represent overall written order of Homestuck KM fics, including those that are part of a series)
1) Furnishing Arguments (AO3) (Karkat yells at John about cleaning products, sex happens, NC-17)
5) The Hospitality of Salt (AO3) (Tavros♥Dave, rimming, fingering, NC-17)

tie kink 'verse
2) Black Tie (AO3) (John♥Karkat, necktie and suit kink, includes Rose♥Kanaya, Kanaya♦Karkat, implied Dave♥Tavros, R)
3) Melding the Beats of Two Drummers (AO3) (Dave♥Tavros, Dave♦Terezi, article about DJ Stridenasty, unabashed kidfic, PG-13)
--) Prosopon (unrequited Gamzee♥Tavros, Tavros♦Gamzee, Tavros♥Dave, wigglers and feelings, PG-13)
13) Something Borrowed (AO3) (Dave♥Tavros, Dave♦Terezi, Rose♥Kanaya, unabashed kidfic, lightish R)
34) As a Seal Upon Thine Arm (Dave♥Tavros, Tavros♦Gamzee, wigglerfic, necktie kink light bondage, sub!Dave, NC-17)
26) Visions of Sugar-Plums (AO3) (Dave♥Tavros, Tavros♦Gamzee, Dave♦Terezi, slight kidfic, Xmas-analogue evening sexytimes, NC-17)
--) Kaiseki (Rose, Samar, lunch and guarded conversation, PG-13)

Ayem Seht Ayem series (aka college piercing kink au)
4) Qu'un sang impur / soit bu par nos larves (AO3) (Dave♥Tavros, Sollux, piercing kink, paraplegic!Tavros, worldfusion college AU, implied Aradia♥Equius and Kanaya♥Rose, R)
8) Any Hour, Day or Night (AO3) (Dave♥Tavros, piercing kink, R)
17) Sugar and Spice (AO3) (Rose[♥Kanaya], Dave♥Tavros, auditory voyeurism, masturbation, R)
32) Far From the Sweeping Tide (Dave♥Tavros, vacation to Alternia, NC-17)

Failed Experiments series
7) Apt. 202 (AO3) (John/Karkat, depressing, objectification, dubcon, R)
9) The Dishwasher (AO3) (Dave/Tavros, depressing, paraplegia, infidelity, PG-13)

Winter Heat series (aka mating season)
6) Seasonal Joys (AO3) (Rose♥Kanaya UST, John♥Karkat, Kanaya♦Karkat, mating season kink, PG-13)
12) Vacation Well-Spent (AO3) (Karkat♥John, Karkat♦Kanaya, mating season kink, NC-17)

Adult Time Play duet
14) The Unsteady Beat (AO3) (Summoner/Dave, Tavros♥Dave, size queen kink, time travel, NC-17)
21) In the Silence of this Now (AO3) (Tavros♥Dave, implied Summoner/Dave, extremely consenting mind control, time travel abilities, slight size queen kink, NC-17)

Lawrence of Arabia
untitled sesquidrabble (Daud/Farraj, implied Lawrence/Ali, PG)

Mononoke (horror)
A Civilized Meal (Medicine seller, mononoke, gratuitous japanese myth, PG-13)

Mulan (Disney movie)
Uxorilocal (Shang/Mulan, implied bisexuality, their marriage and some gender politics, PG-13)
The River Serpent (Mulan, legends, based on this image, PG-13)

Pu Songling's "Liaozhai Zhiyi/Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio"
unsleeping (based on the Mair translation of 'A Chivalrous Woman/The Magnanimous Wife', Ku/the stranger, Ku/the girl, PG-13)

Ode to Billie Joe (song)
Whither Thou (the week before that sleepy dusty Delta day, PG-13)

Reign: The Conqueror
untitled (Cleitus/Cassandra, PG, very old)

Romeo and Juliet
drabble: Broken Vows (Benvolio/?, PG)
Relayed (Mercutio/Benvolio, PG, sequel to pieces that are currently hosted on FFN but will be added imminently)

Before the Encore (Gaelic Storm, Patrick Murphy+Steve Wehmeyer, dream!Steve Wehmeyer/dream!Steve Twigger, very old fic, PG-13)
drabble: Loss (Old Blind Dogs, Buzzby/Jonny, rather old fic, PG)
drabble: Motion Always (Old Blind Dogs, Jonny/Rory, rather old fic, PG)
Of A Name (Danú, Oisín McAuley+Tom Doorley, PG, oldish fic)
Bears and Bulls(hit) (The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, PG-13, on the old side)

untitled drabble (Pollution/Mogget, crossover with "Good Omens", PG-13)

untitled crap drabble (Hakkai/Gojyo, AU, really spectacularly OOC)
drabble: a deal of negotiable virtue (Hakkai, Gojyo, PG)
drabble: Literature Interpretation (Kenren/Tenpou, PG-13)
snippet: New Family (Gojyo, Renji, PG-13, crossover with Bleach)
snippet: not subliminal at all (Dokugakuji/Kougaiji, implied Jien+Gojyo, R)

A Separate Peace
Summer Lovin' (Finny/Gene, roleplay transcript with [ profile] mightier, hard R)

Toukaidou Hisame
Chestnuts out of Season (Shion, childhood slavery scars, abuse and food problems triggers, PG-13)

Vorkosigan Saga
He Only Said "Neigh": The Lord Midnight Precedent After the Time of Isolation (David Galen, gen, PG)

Wulf and Eadwacer
The Whelp (the narrator, Wulf, Eadwacer, the night and a lost child and love, PG-13)

for i have tired of silence (Sei/Moichi, PG-13)

Yuukan Club
untitled Miroku+Seishiro snippet (Miroku+Seishiro, PG)
untitled snippet (Miroku, Seishiro, PG)
Three Countries (Miroku/Seishiro, Noriko, PG-13)
wafuku (Seishiro/Miroku, PG-13)
ill-fitting (Miroku+Seishiro, PG-13)
back rubs (the cast, implied Seishiro/Miroku, PGish)
loan fish (Seishiro/Miroku, PG-13, yakuza)
head over heels (Miroku/Seishiro, PG-13)
storm lights (Seishiro/Miroku, PG-13)


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